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    HP 218231-B22 Smart Array MSA1000 Controller

    Price: $355.00
    HP 218231-B22 Smart Array MSA1000 Controller
    Controller : Modular Smart Array 1000 (MSA1000) controller - Wide Ultra3 RAID controller integrated into the MSA1000 - Optional for Modular Smart Array 500 (MSA500) - Includes 256MB battery backed cache which can be expanded to 512MB (International)
    Hewlett-Packard Part# 218231-B22

    The MSA1000 Controller is an integrated RAID controller with an integrated LCD/LED status display and 256 MB read/write battery-backed cache. MSA1000 Controller Management Features: Access Control Lists (ACL): allows multiple hosts to access a single MSA1000 storage system. Host access can be defined all the way down to a logical volume level; RAID Level Migration: allows for online post-configuration change to RAID level without destroying data or volume information; Online Capacity Expansion: lets you add storage to an operational MSA1000-reducing expensive server downtime; Global Online Spare: reduces the risk of data loss by facilitating automatic rebuilds after a drive failure.