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    Adaptec AHA-3944AUWD Dual UW HVD Differential SCSI Card

    Price: $185.00
    Adaptec AHA-3944AUWD Dual UW HVD Differential SCSI Card

    Product Specifications

    Data Transfer Rate
         Up to 40.0 MBytes/sec Synchronous Wide UltraSCSI Data Rate per Channel
    Device Support
         Up to 30 High Voltage Differential SCSI devices
    External Connector(s)
         two 68-pin Very High Density SCSI connectors
    Internal Connector(s)
         68-pin SCSI connector, Channel A
    68-pin SCSI connector, Channel B
    System Bus Interface
         32-bit PCI Local Bus, Rev 2.1 compliant bus interface
    System Requirements
         IBM compatible PC, the motherboard BIOS must support PCI-to-PCI bridges
    Package Contents
         AHA-3944AUWD PCI MultiChannel host adapter with SCSISelect utility
    Electrical and Mechanical Specifications

    Board Dimensions
         6.875" L x 4.2" H (17.46 cm x 10.67 cm)
    Power Consumption
         5.0 +/- 0.25V (1.5A maximum)
    Operating Characteristics
         0°C(32°F) to 55°C(131°F)
    Storage Characteristics
         -55°C(-67°F) to 85°C(185°F)