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    This product was added to our catalog on Monday 25 July, 2016.

    Dell 01P7DP 2TB Near Line, 6Gbps SAS 3.5" Hot Plug Hard Drive

    Price: $399.00

    Dell 01P7DP 2TB Near Line, 6Gbps SAS 3.5" Hot Plug Hard Drive

    Manufacture: Dell
    Condition: NEW
    Availability: 5-7 days
    Part Number(s): 01P7DP , 067TMT

    Compatible with:

    Dell PowerEdge T-Series T20 T100 T105 T110 (Gen I,II) T300 T310 T320 T330 T410 T420 T430 T605 T610 T620 T630 T710 Servers.

     Dell PowerEdge R-Series R210 (Gen I, II) R220 R230 R300 R310 R320 R330 R410 R415 R420 R430 R510 R520 R530 R530XD
     Dell PowerEdge R-Series R630 R710 R715 R720 R720XD R730 R900 R905 R920 R930

     Dell PowerEdge C-Series C1100 C2100 C6100 C6220 Servers.

     Dell PowerEdge M-Series M420 M510 M520 M610x M630 M710HD M830 M915 Blade Servers.

     Dell PowerVault M-Series M1000e MD1120 MD3000i MD3060e MD3200 MD3200i MD3220 MD3220i MD3400 MD3420 Storage Arrays.
     Dell PowerVault M-Series MD3460 MD3600f MD3600i MD3620f MD3800f MD3800i MD3820f MD3820i MD3860i Storage Arrays.

     Dell PowerVault N-Series NF600 NX300 NX400 NX3000 NX3100 NX3200 NX3300 Network Attached Storage.


    Part is sold on a non-return basis.
    Parts availability is advised based on known stock quantities at the time the order is placed and could change without notice.


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