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    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 29 September, 2016.

    NEW HP 300GB 365695-009 351126-001 U320 SCSI HP 10K

    Price: $239.00

    NEW HP 300GB 365695-009 351126-001 U320 SCSI HP 10K

    Condition: NEW
    Manufacturer: HP
    Ships in: 1-2 days
    Warranty: 12 month

    Part Number(s)
    Option Part# 350964-B22
    Spare Part# 351126-001
    Assembly Part# 365695-009


    Category Proliant HardDrive
    Sub-Category 10K
    Generation Ultra320
    Part Number 365695-009-5Pack
    Products ID 454819
    Capacity 300GB
    Height 1.0 inch/2.54cm
    Width 4.0 inch/10.16cm
    Interface Ultra320 SCSI
    Data Transfer Rate 320MB/s
    Single Track Seek Time 0.55ms
    Average Seek Time 4.9ms
    Full Stroke Seek Time 10.0ms
    Rotational Speed 10000RPM
    Bytes/Sector 512
    Manufacturer HP/Compaq
    Application Server Storage
    Server Type HP/Compaq Proliant
    Backward Compatability U2 and U3 speeds
    Pre-Failure Warranty



    Part is sold on a non-return basis.
    Parts availability is advised based on known stock quantities at the time the order is placed and could change without notice.