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    Segate 300 GB ULTRA320 SCSI HDD- 80PIN, 15,000RPM

    Price: $335.00
    SCSI Ultra 320 Hard drives: 300GB
    Segate 300 GB ULTRA320 SCSI HDD- 80PIN, 15,000RPM -
    The SCSI enterprise hard drive offers the highest reliability and most mature 15K-RPM product design in the industry.
    Key Features and Benefits

        * Ultra320 SCSI 80-pin interface
        * Up to 80-MB/s sustained data rates
        * Exclusive background media scan and enhanced error correction code
        * Low power and cooling requirements


        * Entry-level and mid-range servers
        * High-end enterprise workstations
        * Direct attached storage (JBOD/RAID)
        * Storage area networks (SAN) storage
        * Network attached storage (NAS) storage
        * Data warehousing and data streaming
        * Infrastructure (print, network, web, cache, security, portal)
        * Collaboration (groupware, email, e-learning, messaging, calendar)
        * Application development.