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    HP DAT72 USB DW027A TAPE DRIVE KIT DW027-60005

    Price: $450.00

    P ProLiant Server Parts
    Item Description
    HP DAT72 USB DW027A TAPE DRIVE KIT DW027-60005

    Condition: Brand new
    Manufacturer: HP
    Ships in: 1-3 days
    Warranty: 3 Months
    Part Number:  155350-001
    Product Number:  155350-001

    Product Description: HP StorageWorks DAT72 USB Ext Drive.Combines the reliability and cost-effectiveness of DAT with the universal plug-and-play capabilities of the USB 2.0 interface, ideal backup for SMB.

    Technical Specifications
    Dimensions     4.5 x 18.1 x 22.2 cm; Weight: 1.90 kg
    Capacity     36GB (Native) / 72GB (Compressed) - assumes 2:1 compression
    Performance     Sustained Transfer rate: 3 MB/s (Native) / 6MB/s (2:1 Compr.)
    Burst Transfer Rate     6MB/s (asynchronous) / 40MB/s (synchronous
    Data Access Time     60 Seconds
    Average Load / Unload time     15 seconds / 15 seconds
    Interface     USB 2.0, with USB standard series B receptacle
    Tape Format     Recording Method - 4 mm helical scan
          Recording Format - DDS-4, DDS-3, and DAT 72
          Data Compression - Lempel-Ziv (DCLZ)

    Features and Benefits

    * Native USB 2.0 Interface
    * Lowest media price of any tape technology
    * Reliable industry standard DDS technology
    * Up to 36 GB native capacity on a single tape
    * Transfer rate of over 10GB/hr native
    * HP StorageWorks One Button Disaster Recovery (OBDR)
    * Small, half-height form factor and choice of models
    * Broad compatibility with a wide range of servers, operating systems, and backup software
    * HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools

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